EtherCats Teams up With SakeSwap for ILO

EtherCats character ‘Betty’ takes to the streets of Seoul under a Chainlink moon.
ECAT Token

About EtherCats

EtherCats was developed by a diverse international assortment of early NFT believers who were all brought together online by the 2020 pandemic. The founding artist and animator, Nadia Khuzina, worked on creating tokenized art trading before the ERC721 standard even was published in early 2018 with her husband Woody Deck. Coming from a card collecting, and card playing background, Deck soon discovered how many NFT projects were being manipulated by collectors exploiting the quasi-random, and deterministic nature of many early NFT asset contracts. It was that revelation that lead to Chainlink VRF being integrated into EtherCats.



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